spring resolutionsSpring, my favorite season, feels like the start of the new year more than New Year’s does–and from the cries of the internets lately, it seems like it everyone has been longing for it intensely.  It’s a fresh start, in a way, and a means to shake off winter blues.  Here are a few Spring resolutions I have this year…

1. SPEND SMART – I’ve been putting together my first posts for And Then We Saved, and I’m more inspired than ever to put my hard-earned pennies to good use.  For me, this means discerning what things have the most value to me, and allowing that to guide my purchases.  I’m looking closely at investing in quality and design that will last my wear, tear, and tastes for a long time, and choosing sources that are important to me (green, indie business, good causes, etc).  A huge part of this is eliminating the trendy impulse buys that have become so easy with online shopping.

2. CLEAN UP – With even more sunlight flooding into my apartment now, I’m anxious to make it sparkle.  Somehow I always manage to go through winter surrounded by clutter, building a little cave around me.  But the truth is that I feel and work better without the mess, and I have a ton of old crap to get rid of.  Here’s to building tidier habits!

3. GROW SOME GREEN – I’m terrible with plants.  I’ve always loved the idea of having a little herb garden, or even a lemon tree, but I can’t seem to even keep a little basil plant alive for long.  This Spring, I’m hoping to get my act together with a proper planter and establish a real regimen.

4. TAKE CARE – Work has been crazy stressful lately, and my commute home has been worse.  Between that and my naturally introverted nature, I sometimes just want to curl into a ball and do nothing as soon as I come home.  I recently started listening to audiobooks in the car, which helps immensely to make my ride home a pleasant and soothing pocket of time, near-nightly (simple, basic, very-very-easy) yoga has also been good to me.  It’s amazing how critical moving around becomes when you spend most of your day at a desk and in a car.  With a few more weekend hikes this season, I’m hoping to get even better at managing stress.

ALSO: Please check out And Then We Saved tomorrow for my first post over there!



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