Truth: I will check out anything David Fincher’s involved in.  Se7en was one of the first cool thrillers I remember seeing.  I wrote about Fight Club in two different college papers.  His Girl With The Dragon Tattoo arguably captured the book better than the original, and with better production value and filmmaking craft.  I even found myself sitting through the (not-his-fault-but-) crappy Alien sequel he’s since disowned.  He’s SO good at telling stories in taut, exciting, and darkly funny ways. So I was stoked to discover this political drama series producers and partially directed by him popping up in Instant Streaming the other week.  I’m a few episodes in now, and I can say I’m definitely intrigued.

The series follows the ambitious House Majority Whip Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey with a healthy dose of humor.  He speaks directly to the audience every once in a while, his comments to us reminiscent of “Dexter,” letting us in on the joke as he manipulates his way through DC.  Wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first, but it gets so funny that it’s totally worth it.  Robin Wright plays his icy and equally aspiring wife, promising to be an interesting character, and Kate Mara is there as a green but shrewd reporter who forms a mutually beneficial relationship with Underwood.  This is what I predict will be the crux of the show:  how these two characters use each other.  Trust (or maybe betrayal) is the theme at the heart of everything.

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  • Jess

    My husband and I blazed right through this series in a week and a half, that’s how good it is. with every episode adding new layers of intrigue and character development. already jonesing for season 2!

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