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The last time I was in New York, I was pretty much a kid.  I went with my family, and did all the real tourist stuff from Ellis Island to the “Regis & Kelly” show (and my mom totally won the trivia prize).  This time around, as I’m researching things to do, I’m getting really intimidated by it all.  Even the way restaurants are written about in New York is intense–New Yorkers are very serious folk, there seems to be a culture of supreme cool testing that I’m sure to fail.  One of my good friends from New York once said backhandedly of LA, “There’s something really nice and unintimidating about a place without any taste,” which was hilarious more than rude, I promise.  Given this advice on how not to act like a tourist in NY, I think I won’t be too embarrassing, but chances are I’m still going to constantly look up in awe and photograph everything, California dork that I am.  So here’s what I’m taking along with me.

I’ve already downloaded a million NY metro apps on my phone to help me find my way around.  Any that you guys find particularly helpful? / I’m taking a pocket notebook to keep track of the addresses I need to have on me.  I’m excited to be picking up my sister, who’s coming out from Philadelphia, in Manhattan one day! ($10) / My very slim wallet packs quite nicely. ($13) / Lip balm is a given, and my matte red lipstick will work with everything I imagine packing, so makeup will be simple. ($3/$20) / I recently switched to this SPF moisturizer and love it. ($28) / I know disposable cameras are the dorkiest, but I love how the photos look when they come out.  I think in this increasingly digital world, I’m starved for film. ($6)


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