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I’ve been sort of quietly blogging over here now for almost a month, but keep reading how important social media can be to grow a blog community.  While I’m resistant to the self-promotional nature that comes with some of it, I do love other aspects–”branding” a Facebook page, editing my iPhonography, and getting inspired by the curations and creations of others.  So I’ve been trying to spruce up my social media act lately, and here below (and above) are my links, if you’d like to follow along.

FACEBOOK – I recently started and have been tweaking a page for this blog.  Great tips for custom tab pages can be found at Breanna Rose.  Here, I might share a link or two that I love doesn’t warrant a full blog post.

INSTAGRAM – A lot of food + location documentation in my everyday life.

PINTEREST – Just started categorizing and organizing my boards a little better.

BLOGLOVIN – As far as blog readers go, this one is pretty nice.

VIMEO – This channel for my short film Snow Jacket is where you can find the trailer, interviews, and other little promotional things we’ve made.

NUJI – Just joined Nuji at the urging of Kate, and still trying to get in the swing of it.  It’s like a cleaner, product-orientated Pinterest.

TWITTER – I’m torn about Twitter.  I have a personal account that is, and that I’d like to keep, separate from this blog.  I know it’s one of the best platforms to share and interacts, and I could start up a separate account, but I don’t know if I have it in me to manage all that.  I’d love to here any of your thoughts about how important it is (or isn’t) to you.

VINE - Anyone trying this?  Any thoughts?  I’m not sure exactly what it offers yet, so I’m trying to watch out for the creative pioneers to dazzle and convert me.


  • Julie / Bound

    This is so timely, since I’ve been thinking a lot about this as I start to take blogging more seriously. The more people you have to talk to on all these platforms, the more fun it is…but I think it takes awhile to build that community. Anyway, I’m going to look you up! :)

  • victoria

    i think this is one of my disadvantages since i don’t use the main social medias, facebook, twitter or instagram. one day, i’ll probably get one. as of right now, i’ll just stick to pinterest and bloglovin.

    ps. i love what you did what your fb page :)

  • Jamy

    This is a wonderful post Lo. i’ve been contemplating doing the same thing for quite some time but didn’t know how to approach it. i was going to ask bri at blogshop.

    i love, love, loved, snow jacket. it’s amazing. i’m pro bloglovin, pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter but it took some time and comfort level to adapt to totally putting myself out there. actually–i had my twitter account locked for six months but once i opened it, i realized it’s the platform where bloggers & creatives connect immediately. vine – i joined but i’m not sure about it yet. does anyone want to hear me talk or show things for six seconds. not so sure. i’d love to hear your thoughts after a few months, you are so insightful.

    • lo

      Thanks so much for the feedback and thoughts. And I’m thrilled you checked out and liked Snow Jacket! I haven’t tried luvocracy yet. I think I’ll eventually give everything a shot and see what sticks. I don’t ever want to rule anything out, but I’ll hopefully only invest serious time in the things I can manage really well.

  • Jamy

    p.s. have you joined luvocracy? now that one–i love.

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