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Planning a trip in March to New York and then Asheville, South Carolina to visit friends with the boy.  Luckily, we’ll have places to crash in both destinations, but I have an obsession with cool or unique hotels, and I’ve come across these Brooklyn hotels, which look like awesome homes away from home.

The Wythe Hotel looks beautiful, full of special details from wallpaper to the bar trays.  But New York Loft Hostel would be more my speed, wallet-wise, and I love the look of its gourmet kitchen and roof garden.  Plus, the idea of a hostel reminds me of traveling in Italy in college, so I have a very romantic association with it.  Both these spots seem to capture a slice of Brooklyn in an organic way, rather than being a generic transplant accommodation duplicated in any arbitrary town.

Any ideas of things to do in Brooklyn (or the greater New York area)?  I don’t have many plans yet!

ALSO: Check out Bonnie Tsang’s pretty instagrams of Wythe.


  • Rachel

    If you can, at least try eating at the wythe! nyc has my heart, have a blast lady!

  • Nomadic D.

    If you do stay in Wlliamsburg you have to eat at Pies ‘n thighs. SO good! Also check out the flea market:

    And then at some point you gotta get yourself some minicupcakes:

    • lo

      Thanks for all the suggestions! Pies n Thighs: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I will be there on a Saturday, so I will definitely try to check the flea market out. And those cupcakes look amazing. Really curious what the pink lemonade one would have tasted like…

      • Nomadic D.

        It honestly tasted like pink lemonade! Ha! They are so good, you have to try them if you get a chance, well worth the wait in line if there is one. Oh and Magnolia, famous for its cupcakes? Go there for sure, but get the banana pudding. I swear, I’ve never cared much about banana pudding but that stuff was like crack. I’d say Pies n thighs for brunch so you could swing whichever way you were feeling in the moment. Be prepared for some fried chicken and biscuit heaven. Yum.

  • Julie / Bound

    One mandatory stop: lEVAIN Bakery in the upper west side. Best cookies on the planet, and that is not a drill.

  • Jamy

    You are probably not going to believe this but a few hours ago I just booked a two night stay at the Wythe. i’m going to blogshop and this year it’s being held in brooklyn so my husband and i will stay there and explore a litttle bit then go back to manhattan (like it’s so far!) for the remainder of the trip. lo. i think you and i have been on the same page for a few days.

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