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My new column for And Then We Saved

I grew up spoiled with travel, my mother constantly planning big family vacations.  Even in college, I had the opportunity to spend a month in the south of Italy for a class.  But when I first really started out on my own, took a good hard look at my school loan debt and meager income, I realized I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while.  It got me really down.

If we’re taking our debt and saving seriously, we immediately think can’t go anywhere, do anything, entertain, or buy anything special.  And the blogosphere, with all of its wanderlusting and product-coveting, doesn’t help.  And it’s so demoralizing to feel like you can’t even try anything new.  But when I look back at my last few years–the ones where I scraped by, took a paycut, and paid off my loans–I see I’ve had a pretty beautiful life.  Trying to save has only made me more creative and resourceful in the adventures I create, and microbudgets on films I production designed only sharpened by discretionary skills.  I’m definitely still learning, but I hope to share the accessible fun I discover along the way.  Which leads me to Party Down…

The idea of this column is to showcase roundups of parties/day trips/dates/interior design/events/experiences/etc that total $100 or less in cost.  (The dollar amount is taken from Anna’s Spending Diet guidelines–it’s how much she gave herself each month to spend on “non-needs.”)  Having a few little luxuries in life can go a long way in inspiration, and there is so much we can still experience on tight budgets.  Party Down is about getting the stretching your dollar to get the most out of it, while still enjoying things like quality design and special occasion experiences.

I’ll be posting at And Then We Saved every week with new roundups–here’s the first post!  Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on living well while saving!


Penny for your thoughts!

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