Jamy was infinitely cool (as she always is) enough to nominate this blog for Liebster Award, and she gave me some questions to answer.  My response is tardy (as I always am, lately) but I’m totally flattered, and I’ve loved peeping the pages of the other blogs she nominated. :)

What do you love most about your life?
The city I live in, the amazing friends I have around me.
Dog or Cat lover?
Dog.  No contest.
East Coaster or West Coaster? 
West Coast.  The weather and the vibe are made for me.
What would you say to President Obama if you ran into him at Starbucks tomorrow?
I would probably clam up and ask him about shave ice.
What is your “go to” uniform?
Soft tee or sweater, skinny pants, Converse sneakers.  My office is super casual.
Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon? 
Favorite city in the world?
Los Angeles has my heart, but I haven’t experienced anywhere else enough to make this call.  I’m a big fan of Tokyo.
If you had a trust fund to give to only one charity for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
The Girl Effect.
(I’m sorry, I don’t have any questions of my own, but you all should definitely check out my regular reads in the column on the right.)




wardrobe updates - fall-winter gals

I did a few outfit sets under $100 for the season change over at And Then We Saved. Check it out!




So groovy.




Maui trip - LO CONCEPTS

Just landed back in LA in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and already missing Maui.  It was a sweet departure full of rest, exploration, and perfect weather.  Just wanted to share a few shots from my little trip.

Our first destination after landing in Maui was Paia, a little hippy town near the airport.  We went straight to Flatbread Company, where a co-worker had recommended we try the Kaluah pork flatbread.  It was the perfect welcome to the island, and remained one of my food highlights of the week.  (Another was Mama’s Fish House — I tried the lobster guacamole and stuffed Mahimahi).  The next morning, we woke up early and drove up Haleakala to see the stunning sunrise over the clouds.

Almost every day, we spent time at the beach, whether it was just outside out Kihei condo, Kapalua Bay, Big Beach, or somewhere a little more off the beaten path.  I got a nasty wana (sea urchin) sting on the second day, but luckily swimming was much easier than walking, so it didn’t disrupt a Molokini snorkeling excursion.  [A few words of advice on those little bastards, because apparently it's a super common injury:  Use a needle or pin to try to get the spines out, because they break down like chalk if you mess with them too much or try to tweeze.  You probably won't be able to get it all out, but you can soak the wound in vinegar to disinfect and help break down the spines until they can be absorbed by your body.] 

Other adventures included checking out Iao Valley, seeing the lava fields at La Perouse, and driving the winding Road to Hana, where we explored a rainforest, black sand beach, and the seven sacred pools along the way.




Forever classics - LO CONCEPTS

I’ve tried on a lot of different looks in my life.  Tomboy, punk, prep, super girly, something I call “OC sorority girl” (I wasn’t one), super boyish, and everything in between.  I know that style is ever-evolving, but only now am I starting to pick things out that I can envision wearing forever.  Here’s a little curation of things I have or want now–and for the foreseeable future.

SKINNY JEAN – In a dark wash and perfect fit, please.

NEUTRAL HEEL – Must be totally walkable.  And danceable.

SILK SHIRT – Walks the line of casual and sleek.  Very grown-up, either way.

LEATHER JACKET – The real deal, as soon as I can afford it.

FLANNEL SHIRT – Versatile, cozy, classic.

BLAZER – Can pull anything together.

CROPPED TROUSER – Suited up or as a separate.

STRIPED TEE – It just doesn’t get any simpler than this.

BIKER BOOT – Like chic, comfortable armor.

WINTER COAT – Be cool when you’re cold.

BEANIE – Never underestimate its power over bad hair days.

L B D – Backless is a sexy bonus.

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